An Organikal Wedding

Saturday 27th September 2008
St Sornin, Charente-Maritime, France

This Grand Adventure Summer 2008 has come to an end, but we finished it off in style – with a wedding, no less :o )

Monsieur et madame Gibbons

Monsieur et Madame Gibbons

We had toyed with the idea of getting married in France for some time, but it is notoriously hard to figure out what has to be done in order to do so. The one thing we knew for certain was that we had to be living in France for at least a month before we would qualify.

When we discovered that we’d be living in St Sornin for over a month during the Grand Adventure, it seemed like a super idea and so we contacted Annick who was swapping houses with us for her advice. As it turns out we had to do little more, as Annick is on the Council and knows the Mayoress well. It can honestly be said that without Annick the wedding would never have happened – our gratitude knows no bounds.

The wedding was booked for 27th September, which coincidentally was the date we had plucked out of the air, when after our engagement everyone asked us “when’s the wedding?”. In fact, it wasn’t planned this way, and we told no one about our arrangements, except for Ruaridh.

It was always going to be a casual affair, but we didn’t realise just how skin of the teeth we could make it. We had planned to leave straight after the ceremony and start the long journey back to Scotland. In retrospect, this might have been slightly foolish, as we’d also planned to launch a PeopleMaps product and go live with a major partner the day before.

At 10.30 pm on the Friday night as we were speaking with MJS (our technical wizard) it became apparent that none of this was going to happen if we didn’t *get a grip*.

So, the launch was postponed until we could properly test it and by luck the partner launch was delayed for a few days. Now we could decide what to wear (which colour of flip flops and would we really need to iron Martin’s trousers?) and think about packing up and cleaning Annick’s beautiful house.

The morning of the wedding was a beautiful blue-sky affair, and we padded about the house for an hour or so picking up things to put in our case, and to tidy up after ourselves. Of course, the laptops were also on and we were managing a few last minute essentials online. The ceremony was booked for 10.00am. At 9.00am we were neither showered, or dressed and Martin was still packing the car (you collect a lot of stuff over 3 months travelling).

I may be the only bride in history who turned up at her wedding with wet hair not having seen herself in a full-length mirror. Annick has a beautiful dahlia garden, and as an afterthought I sent Martin out to collect a white flower to adorn my hair. He says it is the most romantic thing he’s ever done (and believe me, it is :o ) ).

And so, we went off to the deed….

It might have been a casual approach, but make no bones about it – we enjoyed every minute of it throughout all of the day and would happily relive the day for many years to come. It was perfect.

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Bye for now – hope to see you/hear from you soon!
Julie and Martin Gibbons

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Paul October 11, 2008 at 9:51 pm

Love the video, love the pics, love the ironed trousers.
Sandra and I recently had our 10th wedding anniversary (a few months ago) which we opted for a French theme party with lots of friends (in Sunny Scotland) on account of our honeymoon in Paris (minus the friends). But a beautiful honest to goodness run-away French wedding takes the biscui…
It sounds like divine provedance was pulling heavenly strings on the day to make it happen perfectly for you too.
Blessed be :-)


Becky Cortino October 12, 2008 at 1:03 am

Julie and Martin!

What a Grand Adventure you had, indeed! I absolutely love your account of the arrangements, unfolding plans/while running d’Biz and Le Big Day — how exciting!

This is a great pic of both of you.

Sending you all best wishes and heartfelt congrats for much happiness all round. But my inquiring mind begs me ask the question — what are you going to do on your next trip?! ;)

Becky Cortino, et al


Nanette and Ron October 24, 2008 at 2:39 pm

Julie and Martin
Sending you our congratulations and best wishes for a very happy future together.
A most charming and romantic way to get wed.
What I would like to know Julie is,When did you learn to iron?
Perhaps you could pass on this skill to you know who!
Every happiness
Nanette and Ron


GORDON FURNESS October 30, 2008 at 4:48 pm

Hi Joolz,
just sending our congratulations to you and Martin hope you both have a very happy future together.
lots of love
Gordon & Andrea

Lesley,Lee and Olivia wish you all the best aswell. xx


liz owens November 9, 2008 at 8:41 pm

Martin and Julie,
Congragulations from the Owens family. Mum proudly showed us the postcard with your wonderful news and despatched me home early to check out your web page…have printed off for Mum to view until we can get her to a computer!!
Wishing you both continued joy and happiness.


Julie Gibbons December 4, 2008 at 4:10 pm

How rude of me not to thank you all for your kind wishes and comments – here and on Facebook and Twitter and in person – and from some of you in actual hard copy 3D cards! Much gratitude to you all x


Janette Wood January 21, 2009 at 2:05 pm

Congratulations to you both- I wish you well!
Loved the flip-flops!
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all about your grand adventure so far- thanks Martin for giving me the website.
Continue to have great fun and have a great life!
Keep safe.
Janette x x


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