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organic home produce from fanbakingtastic

Fancy a treat, but need something a little more homely than an apple? FanBakingTastic is a range of delightful delectables made using the finest organic ingredients. No added chemicals or preservatives. Baked at home, made with love.

What’s in store?

Organic Choc Chip Cookies

organic choc chip cookies

Chewy, crumbly cookies made with the finest organic butter, sugar, egg, flour and chocolate. With an added pinch of organic sea salt and bicarb, these irresistable biscuits contain absolutely no harmful additives or preservatives.

We use only Green & Black’s chocolate – choose your flavour : Espresso, Dark, Milk, Creamy Milk, White, Maya Gold.

Good for 5 days from date of production when stored in a suitable airtight container, but they won’t last that long!

Organic Wholewheat Muffins

organic home baked blueberry muffins

Light, moist yet robust and filling, these wholewheat fruit muffins are a delicious treat for breakfast, elevenses and mid-afternoon pick me ups and more popular with the kids than a fancy cupcake.

Choose from blueberry, carrot & apple, raspberry & lemon, banana or apricot & white chocolate – your kids will adore them. If your chosen fruit is not in season then we will use frozen berries and sometimes these won’t be organic, but all the other ingredients are.

Made using the finest organic wholewheat flour from Doves Farm, butter, eggs, vanilla extract, sugar and baking powder and your chosen fruit. Depending on your chosen flavour, we may substitute the butter for organic vegetable oil and replace the sugar with organic honey or maple syrup.

Best ordered the day before your planned event, these beauties will last in an airtight container for at least two days from date of arrival, or for up to a month in your freezer.

Organic Chocolatey Goodness in a Tray

Organic Chocolate TrayBakes

Beautiful, rich, dark organic chocolate combined with a few other treats and poured into a tray before chilling. How does rocky road or pistachio fudge sound? Too good for the kids, I’d say.

Made entirely with Green & Black’s plain dark chocolate, these traybakes also contain organic butter, whole pistachio nuts, condensed milk (not organic), marshmallows (not organic) and a range of organic biscuits.

Kept in the freezer, these will last for up to a month from date of supply, if only you could resist them :)

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All just a sign of what’s available locally, whilst organising our online shop. Use the Contact page if you have a specific request meantime.

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