Will you Discover your reason to love Organic this September?

by Julie Gibbons on September 1, 2011

Discover Organic This SeptemberNot content with last year’s Organic Fortnight, the Soil Association has gone one further and assigned the whole month of September to encouraging you to Discover your reason to love organic this September.

Reasons To Love Organic…

  1. know what’s in your food
  2. better for the environment
  3. higher animal welfare
  4. wildlife protection
  5. a GM free diet

Each of us will have different reasons for choosing organic. Here are some things you could consider this September as you discover your reason …

Learn the Dirty Dozen

The Environmental Working Group produces a guide each year which lists the top dozen dirty fruit & veg (that most contaminated with pesticides and which you should commit to buying organic). There’s a also a list of clean fruit and veg, to let you adjust your basket most economically. However, do bear in mind that non organic produce will contaminate the soil and the farmworkers who come into contact with it – so try and buy as much organic as you possibly can!

Print off  this handy Dirty Dozen (PDF download) guide to take on your next shopping trip.

Choose Organic Textiles

According to the Soil Association, “the market for organic textiles is growing. Certified organic textile businesses saw their sales grow in total by  35% in 2010.”

Go Organic With Your Wool (PDF Download) “Animal welfare is at the heart of organic systems. Organic sheep are reared, fed, sheltered and transported with consideration for their well being. Cruel practices are prohibited and animal stress is minimised.”

Go Organic With Your Cotton (PDF Download) “As well as being a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre, when cotton textiles are organic there are additional benefits… Organic textile products don’t contain allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemical residues.”

Join in with more news, events and event competitions and special offers this Organic September by using the Twitter hashtag #organicseptember

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