Stepping Up a Gear with Green Juice

by Julie Gibbons on April 8, 2011

You may be forgiven this last while to think I’d stopped eating food altogether and had taken to mashing it and grinding solely for use on my body – but do not be alarmed, I am a sturdy girl and still love to eat!

The Organikal kitchen does strike a fine balance between food love and health love, we can’t help it – and our latest foray has involved organising a new veg box for a new breakfast regime:

Juice Friendly Veg Box
It’s been custom picked to provide us with enough juicy greens to make a green juice for five days out of the seven. A green juice, for breakfast? Remember we finally made the foray into green juices last year, trying out the powdered variety. Not an instant success, we got used to the smell and the taste, but I wasn’t sold on it as a regular supplement to our diet, although I still use it – especially on days when greens have been lacking.

Plant foods high in alkalines have been high on our list for some time, but our standard veg box just didn’t deliver enough of the right ones for a juicing regime. Until I read Kris Carr’s latest book Crazy Sexy Diet. Isn’t it funny, what finally moves you to take action on the stuff you know you should do, want to do, but haven’t quite got round to doing – stuff you’ve known for years?

Crazy Sexy Diet Green Juice

Kris is an exceptionally motivational writer, telling her story of a particularly rare stage 4 cancer that she’s been living with for the past seven years or so. I’m loving her Crazy Sexy Life website and after watching a ton of videos I ordered the book. The day after I read it, I visited a supermarket and bought the ingredients listed in the recipe for the Make Juice Not War drink and promptly set to with a juicing extravaganza (you can see my real life TV approach to the making of on video over at my VegBoxMenu website).

Make Juice Not War

An instant success! Yes, I’d found a way to get my day started with all of those juicy greens – rich in nutrients, enzymes, anti-oxidants and what not – in a format that actually tasted great! That same day I got in touch with our organic veg box suppliers, Grow Wild and asked for a custom box.

I’ll be honest with you, living in the frozen north as we do, this customisation adds a fair bit onto the cost of the standard box – particularly at this time of year.  At first I figured that we wouldn’t be able to afford it in our £80 per week groceries budget. But you know what? We value our health so much that we’re just going to cut down on the stuff we spend cash on that we know doesn’t really fit into our Organikal way of life. How many coffees would we need to quit drinking to pay for the extra cucumbers? Think about it? I’ll bet your good health is worth sacrificing a couple of coffees for …

And there’s an added benefit – the spring clean effect doesn’t just apply to your body, after juicing this lot the house stays smelling wonderfully fresh. Bonus :)

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Lindsay April 8, 2011 at 10:54 am

Yay – on the wagon!! It’s MUCH easier doing it down here in Spain, that’s for sure … yet it makes so much difference starting my day like this that I bought a blender to keep at my friend’s house whenever I’m staying in Auld Reekie JUST so that I didn’t have to skip it.
My secret ingredients are half an avocado always, without fail (unless I’m shopping in the frozen north) for a lush, creamy, filling consistency.. oh, and mango too, cos they’re cheap enough here and don’t have mega airmiles on them.
The bonus is that I only want one coffee a day now that I’ve been green-smoothie-breakfasting for a couple of years ;)


Carolyn April 8, 2011 at 4:30 pm

Hey there… just found your blog. **nice** My fav is juicing up a bunch of kale or spinach, whole cucumber, bunch of celery, 1/2 a lemon and some apples. Savoury and fresh! ;-)


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