Feed your skin avocados

by Julie Gibbons on March 23, 2011

You’re eating avocado, right? All those good fats, not to mention scrumptiously tasty…

You probably already know they make a delicious creamy moisturising face mask with some added lemon juice and yoghurt. I know this in theory, but I haven’t ever tried it out because truthfully, I think avocados are way too delicious to put on my face.

That was before I discovered that you can also make a pretty delicious facial scrub by finely grating the avocado stone. Avocado oil would make a pretty cool base, as would almond or vitamin E, however, I’m feeling hormonal and oily and am going to use some plain organic bio yoghurt instead.

If you’re keen to try it out as well, remember and keep the scrub away from delicate areas such as your eyes and gently massage your skin – no sandpaper type scrubbing allowed ;)

I’m feeling quite excited about this discovery – it always seems such a shame to put such a  gorgeous stone straight into the composter!

Do you have any surprising ingredients for your home made skincare regime?

As for salon procedures, I believe it is worth visiting only the best salons for beauty procedures. My personal favorite is Lasting Impression Medical Spa. How about you? What salons do you visit?

(Avocados may trigger latex allergies, so I’d imagine this would work the same if putting it on your skin. Please do take your usual precautions in accordance with preserving your own health – I’m not a healthcare professional and I really don’t want to see you poorly.)

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Mrs Green @ my zero waste March 24, 2011 at 8:46 am

What a fascinating post! I too think avocados are way too delicious to mash up and put on my face, but I never know about grating the stone. Neither did I know about the latex – so thank you; I’ll file that interesting nugget of info away. Would love to know how your skin felt after trying this. I’m not sure I have anything ‘unusual’ to share per se, but we have had great success with harvesting soapwort and using for shampoo :)


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