Review : Lavera Organic Sun Screen

by Julie Gibbons on August 1, 2010

Lavera Organic Sun Protection for Sensitive Skin

Lavera Organic Sun Protection for Sensitive Skin

Sun protection is pretty big business. For us fair skinned Scottish folks, it’s a pretty big essential – especially when spending weeks on the Mediterranean.

This summer we took some Lavera organic sun protection products with us on the house swap adventure in Spain.

Do you have the kind of skin that freckles and burns? I do. In fact, I only need to look at the sun and my nose turns red (do you think glasses attract the sun to the nose?). I also have quite sensitive skin – it can quite easily erupt into all manner of nasty things if I do the wrong things or use the wrong products.

My home made organic facial moisturiser doesn’t include any sun protection factor (SPF), so this year I tried out the Lavera sunscreen for sensitive skin.

How did the Lavera sunscreen perform?

So, the question is, if you have sensitive skin and need some suncare protection for your face – and you want it to be organic, would I recommend this product to you?

For it’s protection from burning, I’d say yes. I managed the whole trip without any red nose (also aided by wearing a rather fetching straw hat) and without any nasty breakouts or ill effects.

If you don’t want any colour on your face, then this may not be a strong enough SPF for you. It’s fading now after only 2 weeks under Scottish skies, but I was definitely sporting a light golden tan.

The major problem I had with this product was the texture. It is a really quite thick white paste and I found it difficult to apply to my face, without feeling like I was tugging at skin I shouldn’t have been. (Perhaps I should have looked harder for a specialist face cream version?)

There was also the problem of looking like a mime artist afterwards. I understood that to be most effective, sunscreens shouldn’t be rubbed in until he skin totally absorbed them. But in this case, if I didn’t spend at least ten minutes working the product into my face, I was in danger of scaring the natives.

the Lavera mime artist/geisha effect

the Lavera mime artist/geisha effect

Verdict: If you’re happy with a light tan and can spend ten minutes or so working into the skin before you face the sun, then the Lavera sun screen for sensitive skin could be a good option for you.  Organikal Rating 3/5

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Lindsay October 21, 2010 at 5:47 pm

Hi Julie

The scarey geisha look was immediately what sprang to mind when I saw you were reviewing Lavera ;)

I used to use it on my wee men when they were wee… not only do they not stay still long enough to rub it in anyway, but when they got wet it would run into their eyes having not rubbed it in enough. Hmm…

So saying, it DID do what it said on the tube, to mash up a metaphor.. and in my experience of organic sun creams, it’s up there with the ones that work (being Scottish and living in Spain, I’ve done the rounds!).


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