Free Compost For Your Organic Garden

by Julie Gibbons on July 31, 2010

home grown organic compost

home grown organic compost

Home Grown Organic Fruit & Veg

Are you tempted by the trend to grow your own food and turn your garden into an organic paradise producing healthy fruit and veg for you and your family?

The very first thing you need to do is start with some good soil. The best way to ensure the compost you use is organic is to make it yourself.

We’ve been composting for a couple of years, turning our food scraps (of which there are a mighty lot, what with the household being veggie and all), our coffee grinds, our teabags and such into some lovely rich soil.

You can see our latest batch of compost in the photo. Way too many eggshells… I read recently that I should be crushing my eggshells if I want them to breakdown at all. I can see the evidence right before my eyes, so crushing will definitely take place forthwith.

Does Your Council Compost?

free compost from west lothian council

free compost from west lothian council

West Lothian Council have been collecting garden waste for composting via a local wheelie bin collection scheme for a few years now. They use the compost for their own gardening needs and this year started a new scheme whereby they issued vouchers to local householders for some free compost.

We redeemed our voucher today and got three bags full of some decent quality soil. It isn’t organic, of course – so we’ll use it for the non-edible plants & flowers.

Action you can take: Does your council have a similar scheme? If not, why don’t you submit a request for them to start?

Pssst: Waste Aware Scotland offers compost bins for households from only £8.

Find out more: For more hints and tips on producing lovely organic compost visit Garden Organic.

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Or watch this video for a quick start guide:

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