Review : The Food Doctor Stir Fry Boost

by Julie Gibbons on July 29, 2010

Spicy Seed Mix

stir fry boost - the food doctor

stir fry boost - the food doctor

I visited a supermarket yesterday. You know I don’t do supermarkets!

Part of the reason is simply down to temptation. Rows and rows of bright colours and new things and shiny packets and tons of stuff I just don’t need.

However, I did need some organic tamari soy sauce for a Chilli Tofu Stir Fry (recipe coming soon) we were having for dinner and I knew I wouldn’t find an organic/tamari version in Esther’s, our wee corner shop.

The supermarket had cleverly placed a shiny new packet in the World Foods Aisle – and I fell for it : The Food Doctor’s Stir Fry Boost. It cost £1.50.

So here’s my review of said packet’s contents in case you fall for it, too.

Sprinkle A Handful To Add Natural Nourishment To Your Stir Frys

That’s what the packet says. Along with the description “A spicy seasoned mix of seeds with chopped Brazil nuts and hazelnuts and freeze-dried red pepper pieces”.

To be honest, I didn’t notice the “freeze dried-dried red pepper pieces” and a cursory glance at the ingredients list which included the very vague ingredient referred to as “flavouring” still didn’t put me off.

I’ve been adding some other supplemental ingredients to many of our meals this week in an effort to make sure we’re consuming enough essential fibre, proteins and minerals so the idea of this sprinkle mix wasn’t at all alien.

marinating tofu with veg, noodles & mix

marinating tofu with veg, noodles & mix

A Belated Sprinkle Later – The Verdict

We were enjoying the stir fry for about ten minutes or so when I realised I’d forgotten to add the sprinkle! And actually, I’m very pleased that was so. For the verdict is a poor one, I’m afraid;

Ruaridh: It’s not very spicy but I like the crunch because I have less vegetables in my meal because I eat mine raw and separately. My Organikal rating: 3/5

Martin: Utterly pointless! Why would someone go the trouble of making and selling this? It added nothing, and in fact took away from the meal. I ended up with stuff stuck in my teeth! My Organikal Rating 0/5

Julie: I hated the red pepper pieces. It was like eating leftover bits of plastic. There was no added flavour and it did seem like another meal’s crumbs were on my plate! My Organikal Rating 0/5

Ruaridh came up with the idea that perhaps we could add the seed mix to some bread dough to make a seedy bread, and I think I might – just to give it another try. Otherwise I’d feed this to the birds. It isn’t even pleasant enough to snack on.

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