For New Readers : 7 Link Challenge

by Julie Gibbons on July 27, 2010

new visitors - mind your head

new visitors - mind your head

This blog has been on the go for over four years! It’s been around the houses and back again. It’s talked about organic lifestyles and home swapping and even delved into unschooling.

If you’re a new visitor, you may wonder what’s in it for you? I would, too.

That’s something I’m trying to fix right now and I thought that while I’m learning how to blog properly and with some focus, it may be helpful for you if I take part in the 7 Link Challenge from Problogger.

I was inspired to take on the task by Erin and Simon who’ve just recently started their travel and lifestyle blog Never Ending Voyage, but who are so expert at it, they probably had a healthy readership from day one ;)

The idea is that this post will give new readers a head start into the very best of the blog. Without further ado …

My First Post : Weekly Regime

Crikey, this post was way back in April of 2006, when the blog was hosted on Typepad. I’m not even sure I owned the Organikal domain back then. The regime referred to involves a very special personal organic body care treat I used to give myself every week. Sadly, it’s probably been no more than twice in the last year!  A nice list of organic ingredients and a simple procedure to follow. A very useful recipe I shall make a point of returning to more often.

bio recommendation from Vida Sana Association

bio recommendation from Vida Sana Association

A Post I Enjoyed Writing : When Is An Organic Wine Really An Organic Wine?

This is a post that discusses an issue that is part of the very essence of Organikal: the difference between an ‘organic’ label and the ‘Organikal’ ethos. It also involves some ‘proper’ research I undertook into the organic agriculture industry in Argentina. It’s representative of the type of writing I wish to do more of and I hope it will give you, the Reader, some cause for thought.

A Post With A Great Discussion : The Great Big Recycler In The Sky

Okay, there’s no great big discussions on any of my blog posts! But this post has the potential for a really great discussion – asking some provoking questions that I really don’t have the answer to!

A Post On Someone Else’s Blog I Wish I’d Written : The Lollipop Test

The easiest answer of them all (excluding the first blog post)! Some of my friends decided to make the switch to an organic lifestyle earlier this year. They started a blog to record their progress and this early post sums up perfectly the response I’d like to give to all of the naysayers out there. Thank you mook and suze :)

signposting the way

signposting the way

My Most Helpful Post : Home Exchange For Beginners – Getting Started

I really wish my most helpful post was about switching to an organic lifestyle. Let this be a lesson to me! Until I write that guide, then this one will have to do. We’ve made 9 successful home exchanges in the last couple of years and have met some amazing people. Here are some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

A Post With A Title I Am Proud Of : The BEST Notepad In The World!

Not very creative, but it sure does bring in the visitors – now, if only I could get a reseller deal on the product ;) More seriously – this really is the best notepad ever!

The Post I Wish More People Would Read : Veg Box Delivery Disaster Limitation

I hear so many tales of people starting out with veg box deliveries and then quitting them because they say the veg doesn’t last long enough. You need to be prepared for a bit of work to deal with veg boxes and I reveal how much and how I do it in this post. Read it and avoid your own veg box disaster.

So, that’s the end of the challenge. How did I do? I can tell you it was massively revealing for me. A great lesson in how to blog better and more meaningfully for you, the Reader. Thanks Darren for a great wee exercise :)

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Erin July 27, 2010 at 9:35 pm

Glad you were inspired to do this too. That was quick! It took me far longer than it should have to decide which posts to include in ours =)

Your houseswap post is really helpful. We don’t have a home anymore (now we tend to be couchsurfers or house sitters) but I can see that this would a brilliant way of exploring another country, as well as saving some money.


Julie Gibbons July 28, 2010 at 6:29 pm

Thanks for sharing yours, Erin. I loved the idea of the simplicity of the challenge and it really helped me figure out some issues I have with the site as it stands so was happy to do it straight away :)

House swapping is really a fantastic way to travel – especially with kids. It lessens the barriers and reduces the costs big time … look out for a post soon where I’ll itemise the exact costs of this summer’s swap!


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