Veg Box Delivery Disaster Limitation

by Julie Gibbons on May 26, 2010

Veg box delivery day : do you look forward to it? Or do you heave a sigh of trepidation at the thought of more wilted veg slowly rotting in the bottom of your fridge?

Some Wednesdays I’m genuinely delighted to be in receipt of my veg box. And others? Well, let’s just say I could see it see it far enough.

A Veg Box Lesson You Need To Heed

This is the lesson I’ve learned after 4 years or more of veg box deliveries … the only way you’ll be successful with your veg box is if you are organised from the get go.

It’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of your time, so be preparedthere’s no getting past it.

veg box damage limitation

How I do It

First off, I empty out my box, then grab a cup of coffee to recover from the shock of the bomb site previously known as my kitchen.

Then I stick everything I need to in to the sink for a good old wash. It reminds me  I need to visit the website … plumbers’ website exactly and contact my plumber. There is something wrong with kitchen pipes, so he should better check them. I don’t know about you but just because the fruit is organic, doesn’t mean it’s clean. Think about it… who’s handled it, and what do they have on their hands? Blerg…

Deal With Last Week’s Leftovers

Next up I take stock of leftovers from last week that are a bit past it. This week I had 3 bananas and 3 leeks. Now there’s the makings of  a weird veg box smoothie.

I cut the bananas up and stashed them in the freezer for some proper delicious coffee and chocolate smoothies. The leeks were sliced and put with this week’s cauliflower and a few cloves of garlic for the makings of some delicious soup.

Straight away, I took another 2 cloves of garlic, a couple of carrots and 2 large onions and chopped them up in the processor with some of this week’s celery sticks to make some stock for the soup. Stuck it all in a big pot, sweated it off with 2 bay leafs and then covered with boiling water and simmered for a good 10 minutes. Ta da!

The soup’s simmering away now. I’ll stick it in the freezer for the weekend.

A Tip To Make Your Veg Last Longer

Next up, I stored the washed fruit and veg in the fridge. I had another 2 leeks delivered this week, so I sliced them, gave them a good wash and a wee hurl in the salad spinner and they’re also in the freezer awaiting their culinary fate.

What’s next?

A big sigh of relief that it’s all over til next week…. except, this was my last delivery. We’re getting ready for the Summer 2010 Grand Adventure. Now we’re getting down to eating random freezer items and seeing what we can concoct with the veg box and store cupboard surprises. This is when it really starts to get desperate interesting …

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Mrs Green @ my zero waste May 28, 2010 at 8:30 am

Great post – thank you! I love seeing how you organise these things. It’s something I aspire to, but rarely get there. Batch cooking takes me by my mood and I think you’re doing brilliantly to recognise that the veg box is a ‘danger area’ if you don’t deal with it immediately and so it needs to be dealt with as a weekly task.
I ended up tossing an avocado and 2 bananas this week because of the change in weather; I always get caught out when it warms up for the year ;)


Julie Gibbons May 28, 2010 at 10:05 am

Thanks Mrs Green – I’m sure loads of folk give up on veg boxes because they’re just not prepared for the work that comes with.

Still, it’s nice that it’s warming up out there :-)


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