Prize cereal – from Dorset

by Julie Gibbons on May 20, 2010

dorset cereal - a prize, yippee, a prize!

dorset cereal - a prize, yippee, a prize!

It had to happen – all the time I’ve spent spinning the bottle on Dorset Cereal‘s website and I was bound to win something, eventually. The bottle wasn’t to thank, though. Oh, no. Instead, I have the trusty friend that is Twitter to thank, and Dorset Cereal’s Retweet competition. If I can recall, it went something like this: RT the link to the VW Campervan prize draw, and you might win a case of cereal. So I did. And I won. Yippeeee!

Here they all are, delivered yesterday. I double checked. Shook the box, and there were no keys to the camper van. Yet…

But there’s still time. About 12 days at time of writing. You could enter. If you win, can I go halfers? I’d share a box of cereal with you :-)

PS There’s only one yummy organic box in there. Perhaps if we all ask nicely, the good folks may consider sourcing organic alternatives for the rest of their varieties? (and perhaps a compostable plastic bag inside?)

organikal cereal from Dorset

organikal cereal from Dorset

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