Anyone for tennis?

by Julie Gibbons on May 13, 2010

eco sneakers

eco sneakers

How excited was I to come across these fabby sneakers (affectionately know as ‘gutties’ in these here parts) last week? Trés, trés, trés, trés excité :-)

These aren’t just any old shoes, you see. Oh, no – we can’t be going and buying just any old thing. These are fair trade organic cotton, FSC certified and fairly-traded rubber soled shoes!

Hurrah! I ordered them for Martin last week because he was looking for a pair of tennis shoes to take on our next Grand Adventure. Last year we couldn’t play tennis in one of the clubs because our trainers had too much sole going on…

You can get yourself a pair too. They come in many funky colours. And you can buy high-tops as well. Oh, and some quite groovy fair trade, organic cotton shoe laces. And wait for it, you can even produce your own custom design.

I’m waiting on the arrival of my new flip flops. I don’t exactly need a new pair. But who could resist these fairly traded natural rubber flipper floppers, delivered in their own organic cotton bag? I certainly can’t.

The good people at Fair Deal Trading don’t just stop at shoes. Add to that collection some sports balls, balloons, rubber gloves and even French Letters… ooh la la!

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