Bright Blessings! It’s May Day …

by Julie Gibbons on May 1, 2010


Bright Blessings! It’s May Day… Beltane… Calan Mai…

Whatever you call it, we’ve reached the beginning of summer – traditionally a time for celebrating love and sexuality and all powers of creativity. Hurrah!

It’s been raining lots here overnight and this morning, and my planned early morning foray up the old railway path hasn’t happened yet … The hawthorn is blossoming up there, and I was planning on snapping some pictures for this post, but here I am looking out to the world instead of rejoicing in it.

I found the beautiful pic above of a hawthorn bud on Flickr. I was searching for some hawthorn flowers in bloom, but this picture sung to me – with it’s crystal ball droplet. Something suitably magical to represent the powerful energy coursing through my veins.

How’s your energy doing, btw? Are you feeling the joy of the beginning of summer? Part of my joy is never having to look a turnip (swede) in the eye again until next winter. It’s the simple things, huh?

So, how can we recognise and celebrate this special time of year? I’ll be plaiting a few ribbons to tie to the rowan tree in the garden. Joining two substances together to form a third is a traditional way to recognise the spirit of the season and my rowan tree is a bit sickly, so I’m hoping the ribbons will cheer him up. To be honest, I think it’s his last year with us…

But the thing I’m most tremendously excited about is … my visit to The Wool Shop. Yesterday I forked out for some books on crochet in Waterstones. I’m off today to buy me some yarn and a hook. Then I’ll be knocking on my neighbour’s door to ask her to help get me started. That neighbour is very suitably called Joy. Serendipity? I think not!

My not-so-evil plan? I’m going to crochet me a blanket this summer, during the grand house swap adventure. A big afghan, made up of individual granny squares. Beltane – Creativity – Joy. I think I’ve got you covered. Blessed Be!

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