Can Socks Make You Happy?

by Julie Gibbons on April 9, 2010

socks for happy people

For some folks in this world, it really doesn’t take a lot to make them happy. Me, for instance. Bare feet all summer long and a comfy pair of flip-flops (it helps that we’re usually +20 degrees 24/7 on the Continent ….) and I’m a happy bunny. Our summer house swap adventures are truly a barefoot experience, when we can’t even recall the need to wear to socks.

But that all changes quite dramatically on the return journey. Even if the sun is still out, usually by September/October, there is a requirement for a little more warmth on the tootsies – Scotland really is quite far North, you know ;)  I’ve got a thing for good socks. It’s not something I think you can slack on, or you risk being completely miserable… I won’t ever wear just any socks. Take a look next time you see me, and there’ll be a story to tell …

So, imagine my heightened state of happiness when Socks for Happy People was finally launched last week. Where do I start? Organic cotton – check. Supporting penny on – check. Socially aware – check. Compostable, reusable envelope – check. Positively affirming – check. Buy one GIVE one free programme – check. Making people happy – check!

It seems I was a bit of a happy consumer myself last week, and was thrilled to order my first order of happy socks (the PayPal account took somewhat of a beating last week – I’m still in recovery). I knew I’d go for the Affirmation Sock – where I’d also be giving a warm pair of camel wool socks to a child in Mongolia (cool, or keeeeeeewwwwllll ?).

The purchase experience was a happy one, and I was genuinely excited (told you, it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy) to receive delivery soon after. Loving the innovative packaging, and every other single detail (right down to the special tissue paper inside), I was a wee bit disappointed to note that I had received the wrong sock design! Gak.

But n’ary mind!  One email and a tweet later, and Tom had been in touch to rectify matters – and just a few days after (Easter was in between) I was in receipt of the very snazzy socks you can see in the pic. I gave them to Martin. He loves a good affirmation. The best bit? I didn’t even have to send the other pair back…

Most excellent customer service. Open and honest and well, human :)

Socks for Happy People is what is known in today’s funky business world as a social enterprise.  They describe themselves as walking on the lighter side of life… but they’re serious about socks (making people happy). They’re on a mission, and they’re quite clear about.

You know one of my favourite ever ‘business’ books is Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessmanby Yvon Chouinard? Well, my favourite biz quote comes from that book…

“…business can produce food, cure disease… employ people, and generally enrich our lives. And it can do these good things and make a profit without losing its soul.” Yvon Chouinard founder and owner, Patagonia

I reckon Socks for Happy People have started down that path and will ultimately achieve success because of it, not in addition to it.

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Rich :: Socks for Happy People April 9, 2010 at 3:42 pm

Hey Julie : )

Thanks so much for your kind words – it’s always so good to hear we’ve gotten some things right after all the hard work. It’s interesting to hear a bit about the ‘receiving the socks’ part since that’s what we don’t see – it’d be really cool if in the future customers made little video’s of when they opened their packages so we could see how they go down.

I’ve only dipped into ‘Let my people go surfing’ but it seems a great book. maybe i’ll get round to reading it in full this summer.

Thanks again, hope you continue to enjoy the socks and please do go online to a special page we’ve created for customers of our Affirmation Socks to leave your story of how the socks affect your day:

Hope to be sending you more socks sooooon!

Rich : )


Julie Gibbons April 9, 2010 at 8:54 pm

Yes, it would be nice to see everyone opening their parcels, Rich.

Left you a wee message on the smile page :-)


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