Raw chocolate is my Easter health food

by Julie Gibbons on April 2, 2010

Raw chocolate is something I’ve been noticing more of this last while – and where chocolate is concerned, I don’t really need much persuasion – so I decided to go for it this week, in honour of the Chocolate Festival Weekend masquerading as the Christian celebration of Easter. (I celebrated the Spring Equinox  with nuts and seeds – it’s only right that I celebrate Easter with chocolate, no?)

My first order was a raw chocolate pie from Living Food of St Ives. I was placing an order with these folks for the first time (thanks to Suze at www.thelifeorganik.com for the heads up) for sprouting seeds and I was tempted by pie. I didn’t really ready the description to be honest, and perhaps I should’ve done…

I was expecting to receive a pie about the size of a 1lb loaf tin. The pie I received was in fact, tiny. A healthy square of chocolate, really (that’s a 10p piece next to it to give you an idea of the size):

raw chocolate pie

Now, of course – the weight – 60g – is clearly labelled. I just hadn’t read that when I placed my order. I was expecting, oh, I don’t know – between 250-500g! So, yes I was slightly disappointed that this tiny addition wouldn’t be making a big dent in the ‘Easter Basket’…

But you know what, once it was unwrapped, cut up into tiny pieces and in my gob, I wasn’t disappointed any more. Wow! Really gorgeous – and a definite taste of what you know chocolate could be if it tried harder! It was gritty and crumbly and reminiscent of the texture of Toblerone, but without all the sickliness. That’s because it’s sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and made up of Raw Cacao Nibs, Coconut butter, Agave nectar, Lucuma powder, Carob flour and Ground almonds. That’s all – nowt else :)


Encouraged on the raw chocolate front, I also visited The Raw Chocolate Shop and not knowing really what I wanted to buy, I opted for their Taster Bag. I could get a little repetitive here – the bag was a lot smaller than I expected – but I will only go as far as saying that I’m looking forward to tasting this…

Raw Chocolate Taster Bag

It’s saved up for our Easter basket, where it’ll be joining the more traditional organic, fair trade egg selection. I raked in the cupboard for those eggs today, and it seems a wee creature got there before me (point of note, the mouse opted for the praline and ignored the butterscotch):

Mice Chocolate

What’s the deal with raw chocolate and why would you want to spend,what is after all quite a lot of money on it?

Raw chocolate is reputed to retain all of the health benefits of the cacao bean because it is fermented at very low temperatures so the product retains all of the important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is also made without adding any milk or sugar – using natural sweeteners such as agave nectar, which has less impact on blood sugar levels.

I think I may be a convert :)

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