When organic = fail

by Julie Gibbons on March 22, 2010

Organikal isn’t just about veg boxes, or even food… another obvious place to tackle potentially harmful chemicals is personal care.

One of the first things we did as a family was to make the switch from Sensodyne toothpaste. The decision was rooted in our desire to avoid unnecessary chemicals of course, but to be honest we’ve always felt uncomfortable with the ethics of the large drug companies (Sensodyne is a Smithkline Glaxo band) – so it was a move away from chemicals and pharmaceutical company monopolisation all rolled into one.

green toothpaste

There’s a huge variety of organic toothpaste alternatives out there, and we tried loads of them, depending on where we shopped. One of the most pleasant experiences about organic paste is the interesting flavours. Give me aniseed over artificial mint any day…

But what I wasn’t bargaining on was my propensity to gum disease. I had my first flare up when I was pregnant. My dentist said it was the worst case of pregnancy induced gingivitis she’s ever seen!

About 2 years in to using organic pastes, my dentist was getting really worried abut my gums. She told me that I’d need to switch back to my old brand or I risked losing my teeth due to bad gums!

I was gutted. But I dutifully made the switch, and another 2 years passed and my gums are almost back on track…

Would I warn anyone off organic toothpaste? Nah – you know, we’re all different. What doesn’t work for me might work for you…

What I hope this does illustrate is that no matter how well principled you are, you might just face a hurdle that you’re not prepared to cross. Gum disease was mine :(

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