Celebrity Chefs and Stuffed Autumn Squash Recipe

by Julie Gibbons on October 28, 2009

Okay, I admit it… I regularly don’t know what to cook for dinner. It’s like my RAM can’t access my hard drive – and I’m all out of recipes. I blame those ‘celebrity chefs’.

I like to read cook books for inspiration – and just for fun – and have quite a few on the bookshelves. I’ve just cleaned them out to make some more space, and the big, glossy ones are generally the survivors. And I’m quite embarrassed that they’re so predictable. There’s a whole heap by TV personalities!


And I reckon that reading those books – and watching the accompanying TV shows – has knocked all of my recipes out of my brain…

Sometimes, it turns out to be a good thing, of course. Tonight, for instance … six o’clock and I haven’t planned any dinners for the week. I’m tired, and we’re all hungry. Oh, what to do? I look in my fridge. I look in the store cupboards. I look at my veg bowl. Nothing leaps out at me, ready transformed into an actual meal. This is when I realise that all those folk with the ready meals in their fridges might be onto a good thing!

I was, thankfully, inspired by some wee squash. They’re so cute, I knew I wanted them, but what to make of them?

Squash Mini

And that’s where a wee recipe from Nigel Slater’s TV show came to mind. Of course, I’d need to adjust to take into account the different type of squash, of course – but otherwise, it was perfect.

Here’s my version Roast Squash with Onion Stuffing

2 (cute) mini squash, scored and seeds removed, seasoned with salt & pepper
2 sticks butter, dotted on the prepared squash

Roast in the oven for 20 minutes …

Prepare the filling:

2 onions sliced, fried in stick of butter
Add 1 stick fresh ginger, cut into matchsticks (this was too much for my taste, in the end – I’d recommend only an inch or so)
Add sprinkle of cumin seeds, paprika and cinnamon (I’d add some more paprika next time) and a handful of sultanas (I left the sultanas – much too sweet for me).

Fry gently for 10/15 minutes.
Spoon filling into squash, and insert back into oven for 10 minutes.


Finished Squash

Delicious, if a little sweet. That whole ‘celebrity chef’ thing comes in handy, even if it has erased my database.

p.s. but here’s my favourite squash recipe ever : http://www.organikal.com/2006/11/21/the-best-squash-casserole-ever/

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