Busy Busy Busy as a Bee?

by Julie Gibbons on October 19, 2009

Busy Bee

Busy Bee

Despite being stung by a bee this summer (it was an accident – I don’t blame the wee fella), I’ve decided to take some action to help the plight of the British bee. You must have heard the story by now? Our bees are in great danger…

There are so many Organikal causes out there, but this one keeps popping up, and so here is a wee indicator of the small things you and I can get involved with that can really help to make a difference, however small.

Reclaim your garden on behalf of the wildlife:

This summer we opted out of the vegetable patch in favour of planting bumble-bee and butterfly friendly wild flowers. It seemed only sensible as we’d be away all summer and couldn’t rightly look after and benefit from the veg patch anyway. I do hope that the high summer months were more successful than the patch we arrived home to – which is a little sorry for itself – but it is, at least in part, a success – it’s still attracting some butterflies!

Urged on by Damian Grounds’ Twitter campaign to HelpSaveBees (please follow Damian for loads more ideas and info), I’m collecting some spring flowering bulbs for the garden…

Spring Bulbs

Spring Bulbs

Every spring I lament my lack of autumn planting activity, but this year the bee campaign has made sure I’ve at least made the first step (okay, so the onions aren’t for the bees.. hehe heh). Now all I need is some clement weather, and I’ll get them in the ground!

Watch a movie and sign a petition:

Hot on the heels of following HelpSaveBees, the Co-op’s Plan Bee also got in touch. They’ve got a whole campaign going on, including a special screening of the film, Vanishing of the Bees. You can also follow them at PlanBee1 on Twitter. Why not sign their petition – I have  (very Organikal).

Give a bee a home:

We haven’t erected our bee house yet, but that’s not to stop me recommending you get your own. There’s a whole heap of bee-related goodies here. It’s not an affiliate link – I use these guys for bird food and find the service and prices reasonable. I’m sure you can hunt down your own suppliers, if you put your mind to it…

Find out more…

These handy information sheets from the International Bee Research Association might help get you started.

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