A revolutionary wedding anniversary

by Julie Gibbons on September 28, 2009

One year and a day. That’s how long I’ve been Mrs Gibbons – and what a totally wonderful experience it is.

the unfinished hairdo trend continues

the unfinished hairdo trend continues

Anniversaries are obviously a time for celebration, but they can also serve as important triggers to look back, assess, analyse and plan forward. And for those of you who know us, you won’t be surprised to hear that’s what myself and the wonderful Mr Gibbons have been doing.

Being Organikal means a lot of things to us, but the primary meaning that forms the very foundation is freedom. Freedom from chemicals is a very obvious and literal translation – but it certainly isn’t the only one.

Ultimate freedom involves so much more, and as time moves on, we’re becoming more aware of how that theme applies to every area of our lives – and more significantly how important that freedom is.

Lots of positive motivations inspire us down the path of freedom, and a new found source of inspiration will be revealed in the next post, but first I wanted to deal with a negative inspiration.

Something we’d run from – and in fear of.  Beautifully captured in the film Revolutionary Road – a movie I rented out of mild interest (I like Winslet, tho not so much Di Caprio) but which I could just present to anyone as an example of what could happen if we weren’t so aware, and fighting for freedom:

I’d like to read the book (by Richard Yates), of course. But to be honest, the video scared me so much I’m not in any hurry!

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Martin September 28, 2009 at 8:38 pm

You may know already that I adhere to the Woody Allen philosophy of “tradition is the illusion of performance”, which means I am not a big one for celebrating events out of obligation. So, when I do celebrate an event it’s because I want to.

I must confess that I never imagined I would enjoy my wedding day. And for a whole bunch of reasons that sound silly when I say them. But our wedding day was just brilliant. We had a giggle from beginning to end.

And I enjoyed celebrating our anniversary. It was a great excuse to do something a little out of the ordinary. (more on that later).

Julie mentions the Organikal theme of “Freedom” and time and again we can reduce our actions and philosophy to one of freedom. It is a driving force and something we value more and more each day. Freedom to celebrate or not for instance. I look forward to exploring this theme more over the coming months.


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