The Trip That Never Was and the Trip About to Be

by Julie Gibbons on April 10, 2009

And so it is April already – how the year has flown by… I am writing this from a Scotland in the midst of the weather confusion that is the season of Spring.

A Scotland where we have been for the last 6 months – Morocco didn’t transpire in the end : work. Work happened, and sometimes even an internet business needs you to be in a particular place at a particular time.

It is difficult to describe, but in fact we don’t feel a great longing for the Moroccan trip that never was. We’re quite positive we will go another time – when the time is right. Instead, we have a great home-sickness for the land of our summer travels, France. Every time we catch a glimpse of the French countryside in one of the hundreds of French movies we love so much, our hearts and minds are jolted back to a life rhythm we have come to love.

Montauban Town

And so it is that we prepare to leave tomorrow – for definite – for the town we were first introduced to last August – Montauban. We are to be the guest of our friends there, Patricia, Jean-Michel, Felix and Joachim. The kindness of people whose lives we shared most intimately through living in their house, but in reality don’t know at all.

That’s what the house-swap adventure does, though. It allows you to bunk up with a family you don’t know at all, with great expectation of a wonderful time – and an opportunity to see the world through different eyes. Okay, so the eyes we’ll be viewing the world from are not Moroccan, but even in Europe the culture is different enough to allow us to assess our place in the world, and our hopes and aspirations. Sometimes even a little distance is all that’s required to jolt us from our habits and routines.

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