Heading north to the coast

by Julie Gibbons on September 17, 2008

It’s the very end of August and travelling from south to north to south to north, south and back again (yes, we have crossed the Dordogne 5 times) on this Grand Adventure, we have seen quite a bit of the toll roads network.

Heading north to the Charente-Maritime from the Tarn et Garonne region really brought home how long we’ve been on the Grand Adventure as the scenery has quite dramatically transformed before our eyes.

The sunflower fields that always signal the start of the summer in the south are no longer glowing. Instead, the stems are the colour of tobacco, and their once golden happy smiling faces are bowed to the ground in defeat, a pale lemon imitation of the majesty they once were.

The summer here hasn’t been as hot as we had expected, but even so, the verges are scorched brown, and the once green crops are yellowing. Even the sturdy maize crops are straggly and we can see the cobs begging to be picked.

We bake in the car on one of the hottest days of the summer, but it’s a reasonable short journey of only 5 hours or so, and although we’ve been on this journey for 2 months already there is something of a feeling of heading closer to home.

House Swap No 4

House Swap No 4

This next chapter won’t be a complete surprise to us as we have already taken complete advantage of the very generous hospitality provided by house-swappers no 4, Keith and Annick.

We’re familiar with the picturesque house and a little of the area. This provides a whole different proposition than that of the previous 3. We’re looking forward to it. The countryside. The peace and quiet. The coast. The gastronomy.

Wish you were here…

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Martin Gibbons September 24, 2008 at 1:07 pm

Work has seriously interfered with our time in the Charente. The weather went and we cursed it. We got sad and missed it like an old friend and then guess what? It came back again and we have enjoyed sunny days most of the time. Been on the beach toasting on more than one occasion.

So I take back all those curses.

And boy are there some smashing beaches. We didn’t really care much for beaches till we got here and now we want to live near one. What a turnaround. There will be photies galore of the beaches in this blog somewhere.


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