Enforced hiatus, dial up and French engineers

by Julie Gibbons on September 17, 2008

So it’s been a while since we last blogged the Grand Adventure. Due to a variety of factors not worth mentioning – except the major factor – we have one dial up connection between us!

We did try and resolve the situation. First we visited Alexandre from Data Clic in the nearby town of Saujon. He sold us a fast ethernet switch. Of course, it didn’t work. This is a dial up account – not always-on broadband.

We tried to get him to help. We offered to pay him to come visit, but he was certain it was all to do with our settings and insisted we take the laptops to his shop. It’s 20 minutes each way, so an hour later we dropped them off and agreed to return at 4pm to collect them. 5 hours later we returned to the shop to find out he hadn’t even looked at them. “Tomorrow” he insisted. We told him we’d be back in an hour – he agreed to have it sorted by then.

At 5pm we removed the laptops from his care and vsisted Bruno in the newly established PC Shop. He tried to help there and then. The settings all seemed to be correct and he sent us away with a promise to help if we couldn’t get it sorted – we’d just to send him an email.

Over 2 weeks later and we’ve still received no reply. However, we managed to get online ourselves. We can sometimes miraculously obtain a simultaneous connection. This is simply not possible the tech support unit of D-Link tell us.

They must be somewhat corrrect as we can only manage a dual comnnection every so often and to be honest, we’ve never quite managed to work out how we do it.

Suffice to say, we take turns online. It’s a bit tricky given we’ve moved almost every single – no strike that – every single without exception activity server side. It’s taken 2 weeks, but finally I have reached the stage I can manage some time online which isn’t solely dedicated to work. I even managed to figure out how to upload large multimedia files without crashing the systems completely.

Once again the posts are out of synch with real-time, but should give you a flavour of this next chapter nonetheless.

Wish you were here…

(p.s. Only if you don’t need to use the internet. If you need Internet then you’d be best off elsewhere…)

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