Day 4 – Millau Viaduct, then Spain

by Julie Gibbons on July 24, 2008

Approaching Millau from the road

Approaching Millau from the road

Update 2010 : So many of you find this post when searching for the Millau Viaduct…

Hello! *waves*

Here are some of the photos we took whilst crossing over it :

It is pretty spectacular, and if you stop nearby you can even buy ‘proper’ photos and postcards and such :)


Day 4 finds us crossing the Millau Viaduct. The sky is blue, the clouds are white and fluffy. The bridge is spectacular. Martin is pleased and WeeR finishes yet another book. It is a joy and there is nothing to be apprehensive about in the end. I am perfectly safe – and manage a quick look over the side. A long way down, yes, but this is a solid construction – no worries, however I focus my attention in front of me all the same.

The mountains – now there is another matter altogether. I banish all talk of a trip through the Alps later in the year. Turns out I don’t like the twists and turns of the mountains. Yes, the views are spectacular here, but I am reminded of my dislike of the fun fair – is it some vertigo I suffer from? The scenery reminds me of home – lots of pine. Yet it’s on a grander scale – and the light is very different.

We are tired, but looking forward to arriving at our destination. And all of a sudden, we are driving alongside the Coast – and things are very different. The sun is relentless, and it beats into the car (no air conditioning in our old car) and we see the sea and are crossing the border all of a sudden. No passports required – hurrah!

WeeR outside our Catalonian house

WeeR outside our Catalonian house

And we are immediately aware of how very little Spanish we know. The road signs are meaningless!. And after only one false start (ignoring Doris – our GPS – is a peril, it seems) we arrive in our white house in the volcanic mountains in Catalonia.

It isn’t a Chateau, and for that evening I am somewhat disappointed. My beautiful romantic Chateau will be swapped for a much simpler life for nearly 2 weeks. I am not sure I am ready. After all, I only know the Spanish for “beer” – and beer can’t possibly see us through 2 weeks, however much it appeals :o )

Wish you were here…

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