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by Organikal on June 18, 2008

SweetcornOrganic gardening is so simple, you really want to give it a shot.

Nature really does give you a head start, so if you think you have no time, take it from me – I’m working about 12 hours on the computer every day, with general house and family duties outside that. But, I am still managing to grow organic veg for the summer. Add a touch of elegance to it if you are caring for a York County lawn.

You can see our pitifully small sweetcorn here just after planting.

All I did was to prepare my bed with good organic compost and fertiliser and buy some organic plants to stick in the ground. I also grew lots from seed, and most of them have actually appeared to hopefully blossom into strong and healthy plants – and what with the price hikes in food this year, we hope that our house-swappers will find the extra larder beneficial! (we won’t be here – instead, we’re spending the summer in France, with our house-swappers spending their time here). Find more useful information on gardening at

If I can do it, with so little space, and so little time – and in the unreliable Scottish climate – there really is no excuse for you. At the very least, you can grow some salad leaves in pots on your kitchen windowsill.

Looking for more tips on gardening? Visit this great Squidoo Lens on Starting  a Garden.

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