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by Organikal on May 17, 2008

FlockecoHave you heard the news? There’s a browser designed almost especially for us green types, and it is called Flock.

Flock is based on the geek’s browser of choice* Firefox and is designed to allow us trendy types to manage our social media goings on more easily.

I’m lovin’ it. I really am. Sure, it isn’t perfect (I’ve had a wee bit of trouble with the link to my Del.ic.ious account and my Facebook link went haywire for a day or so, but in almost every other way, I diggit big.

“What does it do?” I hear you scream ask. Well, it gathers together all your social networking type accounts in one place. For instance, I have a “People” sidebar that imports updates from my Twitter, Flickr, You Tube and Facebook accounts in almost real time. This saves me having to check in to each of the site’s web pages to see what’s going on in the world around me (saves me oodles of time, as I like to keep track of all my “tweeps”, “friends” and such.

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, you’d probably be as well to stop reading here – the social media references are gonna come thick and fast…

My gmail account is also linked to my browser and the icon tells me when I have new mail – quite handy as I tend to forget about email these days, as I get most of my updates via Facebook, Twitter, Skype IM etc…

What else, now let me see – there’s so much! Yes, my del.ic.ious account is linked, so that I can easily save favourite pages to it, and access the links alongside my local browser faves – all in one place (in the sidebar).

Yes – I can create blogposts directly from the sidebar also, and upload pages to any of my linked accounts ( so when I see a page I’d like to post on Facebook, I just click and there it appears on my profile!) – and well, there’s more, I’m sure there is.

Feeds. Yep – RSS feeds. I’ve stopped using Google Reader altogether and now monitor all my RSS feeds in Flock. The clever people there made it so that when Flock detects a feed on a page, it automatically asks you if you’d like to import it into your reader…. (of course, now I really need for it to read all the articles for me and pick out all the interesting stuff because i never seem to have the time).

So what makes Flock an “eco-browser”? Well, they’re going to donate 10% of all their search proceeds (I admit, I’m not quite sure what that will amount to) to a charity of the Flock/eco users choice. And, your version of Flock/eco will come pre-loaded with feeds from Alltop/Green. Alltop aims to gather all the top feeds from all the top sites into one place. In this case, all the top green sites…

If you’re using social media tools, then I do suggest you give Flock at least a try. You don’t need to delete Internet Explorer or Firefox to get going, and you can always return to them if you don’t like it.

Happy Eco Flocking :o )

* I have no idea if Firefox really is the geek’s browser of choice – I do know that most geeks I know use it, so in my book that makes it (almost) official….

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