What’s in Your Veg Box?

by Organikal on April 9, 2008

Wednesday = veg box surprise! Actually, not everything’s a surprise – I’ve customised my box to ensure some basics are included; bananas (we freeze them mostly for smoothies), apples (kid loves them), carrots (also for kid), potatoes (we’re Scottish and couldn’t live without them), celery (for breakfast!) and some non-veg items including eggs, bread, soya milk and dairy milk….

Here are the contents of this week’s box (from Grow Wild):


The next step is to turn this glorious pile of organic produce into a menu for the week. This is last week’s. Didn’t get round to some of my plans… (veggie disclaimer: the tuna sandwiches are for the kid and of course the sausages are made from vegetables).

There’s certainly a wheen of planning to get on with, so the next step after unloading my glorious pile of vegetables is the most important of all…

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