Tescopoly – sinister shopping?

by Organikal on February 4, 2008

I’m reading Andrew Simms’ book Tescopoly just now. It makes for uncomfortable reading – revealing some truly sinister nuggets of information about the UK supermarket giant Tesco, it’s British and American counterparts. We made a decision a while back not to shop in supermarkets, and although we occasionally find ourselves in the aisles of our local supermarket, we have succeeded in avoiding Tesco altogether.

Browsing the news pages today, I saw an interesting story about Tesco and how it treats its workforce in Poland. There’s something of an uprising going on by workers who claim Tesco’s treatment of them is “subhuman”.

If you still buy your organic produce from a supermarket, please do take some time to research the consequences of that – economically, culturally and personally. An easy way to start is to read Andrew Simm’s book – it really is a fascinating insight. Then take some time to walk or cycle along your high street and consider what you might be able to do to avoid the weekly supermarket trip in the car. If your high street proves disappointing, don’t give up – a swift internet search for veg boxes in your area could be the first step towards a truly organikal life.

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Shauna Chapman February 17, 2008 at 5:07 pm

I loathe Tesco. I live in a small Devon fishing village and the dreaded Tesco is coming sometime in 2008. I prefer Waitrose if I have to do major shopping. But otherwise I use organic box schemes, buy wet fish from my neighbour (line-caught mackerel) and I will start my own private organipanico this summer. Since I make pretty much everything from scratch, I consider myself to have a pretty eco-friendly and local eating habit. Tesco is just a bully who ‘green washes’ from time to time.


Organikal February 19, 2008 at 9:29 am

Hi Shauna – it sounds like you’re doing all the right things. It seems even the monopolies commission isn’t really prepared to do much about the might Tesco… The “green washes” comment was bang on. Mr Tesco bangs on about offering choice to consumers – but what choice do we really have? Especially when they replace any artisan, local organic produce with their own brand version as soon it gets any sales…. it infuriates me… Ah well, keep up the good work – it sounds like you’ve a bit of an idyllic life going on down there in Devon.


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