Sprout-Tastic Finale

by Organikal on January 23, 2008

After a long weekend, where it was obvious we weren’t going to harvest the clover just yet, we finally harvested last night. I felt I had to, as we were beginning to lose some (perhaps to water-neglect?) but they weren’t all fully opened:
We ate a pile of sprouts for dinner with a fab pumpkin & feta lasagne, and still have loads left for yummy sandwiches:

And so we have come to the end of the sprout project. It’s been great fun – I can’t recommend sprouts
enough. They’re so tasty, and the novelty of growing your own is as
strong for these wee guys as when I was toiling cabbage and courgette
in the garden outside.

Is it the end? Never fear – a new batch of seeds are winging their way through the post to us from UK Juicers. And I have already started off a mixed batch with chick peas, adzuki and mung beans…Sprout On…

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