Sprout Into a New Year – Day2

by Organikal on January 15, 2008

HelpEmploying some help to assemble the sprouts doesn’t look like it went down too well – I guess it was before 8am so the expression might be forgiven!

My guess yesterday that I had soaked too many seeds was indeed true. If I had taken the simple step of reading the instructions on the packet first, I’d have learned that one packet of clover seeds fills approximately 10 sprouter trays!

The lentils and mung beans weren’t so bad, and nicely filled up two trays each, with only a small remainder…
After reading the instructions again, I rinsed each sprouter before placing in good lighting conditions (out of direct sunlight – as if we’ve any of that this time of year!) and at room temperature – to be rinsed 2-3 times a day until fully sprouted. The mung beans and the lentils will be ready in 3 days with the clover in about 4-6.

We might start to see some sprouting in tomorrow’s episode. How can you bear to miss it?

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