From Here to Happiness

by Organikal on September 7, 2007

BookcoverFrom Here to Happiness
Sunil Sharma, Ph.D

A remarkable man. A remarkable book.

Sunil oozes tranquillity, serenity and wisdom in person, and boy, does it come through in his latest book – with an added pinch of his common sense and good humour.

From Here to Happiness is a reference book you will turn to throughout your life – “a practical book you can use to improve your life and find happiness.”

I’ve read many books of this nature, and have never found myself nodding as much, identifying as much and understanding as much as I did with this book. I’m just at the beginning with the practical exercises, but I’ve seen the proof of their success with the man himself, so have every faith.

If you’re interested in self-development and have never quite found the answer to all your questions yet, I wholeheartedly recommend “From Here to Happiness”.

Happiness is not a goal; it is an outcome. Just like wealth is the product of success in business, happiness is the product of success in life.
Sunil Sharma

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dwlt September 7, 2007 at 12:39 pm

Can’t wait to get my copy!


Windenberger Claude June 18, 2009 at 4:25 am

I found your blog as I started researching about Dr Sunil Sharma online, right after having the great pleasure of personally meeting him in the last 3 hours. I can totally relate to how you described him. I got his book and look forward to reading it, and also look forward to possibly collaborating with him in spreading the practical wisdom he wants everyone to experience.


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