A Year in Green Tea and Tuk-Tuks

by Organikal on August 21, 2007

“My unlikely adventure creating an organic farm in Sri Lanka” by Rory Spowers

Not so much a diary of an adventure as a wonderful handbook of inspiration for living an eco friendly life. This book wasn’t at all what I was expecting, and in a way I felt it was mis-represented on the cover blurb. But not in a bad way!

Rory Spowers spends quite a bit of time helping you to understand how he got to Sri Lanka, before the real diary begins. And it’s necessary, I think. And sets you up for Part 3 of the book, “Notes from a Forest Garden” which details 12 essays on topics from The Web of Hope database;

Transport, Habitat, Energy, Water, Economics, Biodiversity, Organisation, Food, Health, Oceans, Peace and Education.

The book benefits hugely from Part 3, and I’m delighted he chose to include the essays. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the story of the journey to Sri Lanka and the adventures on the farm.  The story told it very much like it is, and certainly boshed our notions of living in Sri Lanka on the head! But fear not – it did ignite once again “Project France Eco/Organic restoration” – our planned adventure to live a greener than green life in sunnier climes.

Rory demonstrates a good knowledge of environmental issues throughout the book, and introduces the reader to many people and initiatives in the same vein. He conveys the details with humour and wit, but overall makes it all seem attainable and perfect common sense. In fact, he presents the stories as such practical examples that I’m going to buy my MP and MSP a copy for Christmas – see if any of the stories contained therein inspire them to think about some of these very important issues in a different way than the current Government.

If you like to digest your eco literature in an easily understood, highly inspirational, story-telling manner, then this is a perfect read for you.

Make sure you visit The Web of Hope and the Samakanda websites even if you don’t get round to buying the book just yet.

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