Natural Head Lice Remedy

by Organikal on June 13, 2007

HeadliceEvery parent’s nightmare – the head lice. There’s no weekly check by the “nit-nurse” at school anymore. Apparently, head lice are rampant. Organikal child came home some weeks before Christmas last and announced that the teacher had told them that they weren’t allowed to say anything to anyone, but that there was a reported case of head lice in the class, and it would be wise to check his hair. I was amazed at the level of secrecy applied to the announcement – on phoning the school nurse the next day, she advised that it was seen as discriminatory to send a letter home to the kids and the school no longer had any responsibility for the prevention of the spread of lice!

I tentatively checked his head – Organikal child had lice. Great big fat ones! And nits. Billions of them. I was horrified. I could hardly touch him without shivering. But – I ploughed onward – I’d changed his nappies for goodness sake – I could take care of some wee beasties…

My web research gave up lots of home made remedies like tea-tree oil, vinegar and lemon juice. There was also some conditioner type lotions made by Nelsons that was guaranteed pesticide free and safe for use. I know I should keep vinegar in the house, as it makes a great chemical-free cleaner, but I don’t like the smell – even on chips! Lemons  and tea-tree oil would be preferable. I tried them all and the Nice n Clear – but nothing would keep them away!

The only thing that works in my experience is combing thoroughly every night. You’re guaranteed no toxins or chemicals on your child’s head, and they won’t go around school smelling funny and being called names. Organikal child is a boy, so his hair isn’t ridiculously long, but it isn’t shaved, either – and he tells me he has a sensitive scalp, so I get lots of resistance.

We’ve been clear for a few months now, but still comb every week just to make sure. If every one combed every week instead of relying on who knows what chemicals, I bet the epidemic would die down in no time.

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Abby Irwin June 13, 2007 at 3:32 pm

You are absolutly correct! We see hundreds of cases of head lice each week at our facilitys. The first in West Palm Beach, FL and the second in Nashville, TN. As the only nonprofit head lice organization in the country Lice Solutions Resource Network, Inc. has been trying to tell people that regular comb outs with a good lice comb is one of the major keys to reducing the spread of head lice. This way if and when your child does pick up head lice you as the parent will catch them with the comb before they have the chance to become overwhelming. At our office we like to say that “It’s not only who you got it from, but who you gave it to along the way as well.” Just emagine all the kids that are comming in contact every day that don’t even know they have head lice. If parents were combing regularly the problem would be found and delt with much sooner. We tell people to comb 2-5 minutes twice a week. For more information about Lice Solutions go to


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