Petition Against Trident & for action on Climate Change

by Organikal on May 3, 2007

Scotland goes to the polls today. It’s the local and Scottish Parliament elections. Not a difficult decision for me this time round.

I’ve just signed the petition at the SNP website to call for the scrapping of Trident and the removal of nuclear weapons in Scotland.

You might like to do the same here.

It must be the morning for it, as I have also just signed a petition set up by Avaaz to call on the world’s leaders to take strong action on the issue of climate change.

You can do the same here.

Whatever you are doing today – make sure your voice is heard. The country might be going to the dogs, but we still have a democratic system in place. You can use your vote to make a change.

Next time up, something not so controversial as politics – organic, pesticide-free removal of head lice!

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m0ok May 4, 2007 at 3:20 pm

You think the country is going to the dogs? In what sense?


Organikal June 21, 2007 at 9:05 pm

Hey mOok- I forgot to reply before I left the country. I’m back now. Answering your question, I’m not sure it is actually much different than it used to be – just that I’m more aware of how pants this country is in many ways. It’s all about shopping. And designer clothes. There’s litter on every street – and the country paths I run along in the morning. The litter is almost exclusively booze bottle/can/boxes, McDonald’s wrappers, empty fag packets etc. The dog poo on the country paths drives me crazy. The kids can’t speak properly – the little ones and the big ones. Goodness, they can’t even use cutlery anymore because they’re fed crap finger foods covered in bread crumbs. My step-dad (who is in his 60′s) is intimidated by gangs of kids at lunch time, when he’s trying to get past them on the street. Crikey – the students haven’t even got much to protest about any more. Except the war in Iraq, and Bush’s mad politics. The divide between well off and poor is increasing. There’s an all pervading sense of cynicism that fosters under-achievement. The state schools have a policy to make sure all kids reach foundation level, but the bright kids are left to bore themselves out of an education. I could go on and on and on. There’s so much that’s good about living in Scotland, but the crap stuff just gets more crap, and the government is happy that we’re spending money in the shops and buying big flat screen tellies and giving all the people at Sky a job, cos when we’re watching telly and in the shops buying Burberry baseball caps which cost less than a day’s groceries, we’re not actually thinking about what a rip off society we live in.
Sorry – I think that was a rant. I can’t be bothered going back to make into any sort of sense.


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