Living an organic life and still find time to work

by Organikal on April 12, 2007

Kenilworth_castle_tearoomThose who know us well know that of late, we’ve been trying very hard to balance our extremely busy work schedule and still manage to live an organikal life. I’ve figured out that it’s really tricky trying to find any time to plan and organise things with the same dedication and fervour that I used to be able to give. The same with the blog – the entries have dropped significantly.

So what’s the problem? Don’t we make our own time (Deepak Chopra tells me this)? Has it become any less important?

I imagine there are many families like ours. Ones where the parents are trying very hard to live up to their beliefs about the world and how we live in it. And ones where the parents are working so hard to achieve their goals and dreams that sometimes their standards slip and things seem to be spiralling out of control.

Let me tell you how our standards have dropped… and what organikal practises we’ve managed to retain:

  • Our hectic schedule has meant we’ve been shopping from the supermarket instead of getting our organic home delivery – we just haven’t known where we will be or what we can eat on a weekly basis….
  • All our fruit and veg is still organic (though some of it from far afield :o ( ) as is any item I can buy that the supermarket offers an alternative for.
  • I’ve avoided supermarket own brands as far as possible. Except eggs. It’s really hard to get proprietary organic free range eggs in the supermarket.
  • I haven’t used any plastic carrier bags from the supermarket – and need to buy plastic bin liners to contain my garbage before it goes in the wheelie bin. Is this defeating the purpose?
  • Lots of meetings and lots of eating out has increased my coffee intake. Probably as many as 4 or 5 cappuccinos a week. Not scary, but enough that I know I need to get a grip!
  • Stress levels are high enough that I’ve started using Reiki treatments again to help restore some sense of balance to proceedings.

There’s more, of course – but we were pleasantly surprised to manage an Easter weekend break that involved many organikal moments;

1. Fantastic and varied veggie meals provided by Martin’s mum – thank you!

2. Organic, home-made, nutritious food offered at the Royal Pump Rooms cafe in Leamington Spa.

3.  Locally produced  ingredients on offer at the  tea rooms in Kenilworth Castle (pictured above) and especially a marvellous pumpkin, apple and ginger soup and bread for only £2.50.

4. Local, organic ice cream in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The moral of the story – even when things are so busy that you feel you can’t breathe, it is getting easier to live an organic life  in the UK – even when you’re too exhausted to try really hard.

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