Detox Herbal Tea

by Organikal on February 2, 2007

Is it just me, or is herbal tea everywhere just now? Apparently, even the A-list are at it*….

I’ve been poorly this month and have been trying hard to detox. Lots of soup is on the menu, and my favourite new herbal tea.

As a rule, I’ve been drinking green tea during the day and lemon & ginger tea on a night. There’s a fantastic organic green tea available from Holland & Barratt from Double Dragon. Stations above any of the blends you’ll find in your supermarket.

However, I have recently discovered the pleasures of the new range of Pukka organic herbal blends. Its fantastic. Really. And it does the job. Usually I stay away from teas that are labelled according to function, so it was an unusual departure for me to pick up a box labelled "cleanse". As a no-exception judge-the-book-by-the-cover kind of girl, I liked the graceful design on the box! I also know how good the Pukka range is….

The "cleanse" blend ingredient list is

  • nettle leaf – to cleanse & nourish the skin
  • fennel seed, peppermint leaf & dandelion root – to assist digestion & help cleanse the body
  • aloe vera leaf extract & licorice root – to help purify the skin

A really nice tea, where the aniseed flavour is enough to make it interesting but nor overpowering. I started drinking it this month and oh how my skin is cleansing. No glow yet, but the impurities are pouring out!

Pukka "detox" was next on my list and I’m really loving this cup. Yes, I have the desire to drink hot tea when the weather is miserable, but I’m not fond of black tea and this blend of herbs really does it for me. I feel nourished and cleansed at the same time. The box also tells me that the six pure, organic herbs have been sourced from small, independent farmers around the world. I like that idea. I’m trying not to think of air miles and instead concentrate on fair trade….

  • aniseed & fennel seed – to help relax digestion & flush the urinary system
  • cardamom seeds – to help clear excess mucus
  • coriander & celery seed – to help wash toxins from the body
  • licorice root – to calm and tonify

I’m not sure what "tonify" means, but this is definitely a calming tea, with a wonderful robustly delicate** flavour. And it also works!  I’m using lots of recycled tissues.  Its not a pretty sight, but a valuable aid to my recovery from this malaise.

I’ve just logged on to Pukka and ordered some more tea, with a "harmonise" blend  and a  new fine china cup, using the design that so attracted me to the range in the first instance.  If you like herbal teas and have a specific ailment to treat, there could be no gentler way than drinking a cup of tea!

* Yes, I have work to do, and yes I have sensible books to read, but sometimes when I’m not well, I can’t resist a high fashion mag (must be the artist in me).  This is where I discovered the A-list are sharing my love of herbals.

** I heard on the radio that using oxymorons was sure to grab attention when writing books. Not a book, or indeed a book title – but the guy didn’t say bloggers were exempt!

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dwlt February 2, 2007 at 9:31 pm

Might need to look into those teas…


Organikal February 5, 2007 at 9:55 am

Yes dwlt – I’m sure you will enjoy – and they are so beneficial…. what with you working so hard and all that travel…


herbal green tea May 25, 2008 at 9:37 pm

It’s great to try different type of herbal tea. Different blends, different areas of prevention.


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