London’s Best Vegetarian Restaurant?

by Organikal on December 19, 2006

We found in a cheap eats guide to London. How fortuitous. Mildreds is situated in Soho, and what got us there was the indication that delicious home-made chunky chips would be on the menu! M was immediately hooked.

We wandered for some time through the streets of Soho, breathing in the carbon monoxide and wondering how much energy all the Christmas lights use up – is it something we should really be concerned about? The shop frontage is quite small and easily missed. We arrived early evening, and for that I was pleased, as for the majority of our meal, we were relatively untroubled by our neighbours.

Mildreds is set up rather like a diner, with long benches around the wall, and tables packed closely together. This became a slight problem for me, as by the time we were being served our exquisite dessert (rhubarb crumble with ice cream for M and a delicious Lime cheesecake for me) the place was packed to bursting and the five diners seated at the table for four next to me was starting to induce an ever so slight case of claustrophobia.

Claustrophobia aside, the food was exceptionally good, and served quickly by capable, reasonably friendly staff. I chose a light dish of roasted sweet potato, red pepper and shallot tart on rocket with red wine reduction with a side of sweet potato fries, whilst M delved into the mains menu and opted for burger of the day with fruit relish and basil mayo served with leaf salad and fries. The menu was certainly more inspired than our choices would lead you to believe -  organic energising detox salad was  my second choice, but for the fact that I’d eaten salad for lunch already that day. My tart was spot on, although M ended up eating most of my sweet potato which was a bit on the heavy side for me. His chunky fries were superb and I burnt my tongue eating a couple too fast – always a sign of excellent fries, in my book. I can’t remember what M’s burger was, although I think broccoli might have been involved. Either way – he polished it off.

Although the food is clearly of the well thought out veggie fast food nature, with a modern organic twist, I was most surprised by the excellent array of soft drinks available. Yes, a full organic and vegan wines list was available, but we were also treated to a fine array of home made smoothies, vegetable drinks, organic juices etc etc. This is something we haven’t quite found to be as good as it should be this north of the border, yet – and that’s quite a disappointment, as we would expect to be offered fine wines as a matter of fact. Something for our veggie restaurants to give more thought to…

All in all, Mildred’s was a great low cost veggie experience. My tip is to go earlier in the evening, and avoid the worst of the crowds.

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