How Green is IT?

by Organikal on October 24, 2006

Following on from the greenmyapple post, I’ve noticed a plethora of green IT related stories in the last few weeks.

My friend Penny dropped me a line today about 2 initiatives;

“Document management and imaging software author, Version One
(, has today announced the
launch of its
Carbon-Neutral Initiative. This new initiative, which is the
first of its
kind by a UK software author, will offset Version Ones carbon
and reduce the companys negative impact on the environment. It will
encourage Version Ones customers, partners and suppliers to launch
initiatives, helping to prevent annual emissions of CO2; from
critical levels.”


“Rackspace Managed Hosting, the UK’s most recommended hosting provider,
became the first managed hosting company in the UK to offer carbon
web hosting. Rackspace has partnered with the International Tree
Britain’s longest standing tree planting charity, to create a
new package
that includes sufficient tree planting to offset the carbon
produced by each customers hosting solution.”

This reminded me of the following two companies I found whilst doing some research last week; – wind-powered web hosts
run by – ethical media company

I like the look of those guys!

Then I visited Hippy Shopper today and came across this wee snippet about a carbon neutral PC from Evesham.

There’s tons more, if you care to look for them – Is it just me, or is the green movement really powering along? Have folks started listening to Al Gore? What’s the deal? Are the techies going to single-handedly start a revolution? Answers on a postcard please …

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