Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth

by Organikal on September 25, 2006

Apologies for shouting – but its really important.
We’re facing a climate crisis – and we can change it …

We watched Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth at the weekend.
We’d seen him on Channel 4 (or was it More4?) a couple of weeks back, but weren’t too impressed with the interviewer and programme format.

Al Gore is impressive. The film is beautifully presented. The tone gentle, yet convincing.

And we left scared. Scared mostly because our politicians and businesses aren’t doing enough to change our world.

Please go and see the movie – or at the very least buy the DVD (out mid-November, I think).
Tell all your friends. Tell your schools. Tell your family. Tell your business colleagues. Tell your council. Tell your MP.

From the ground up – we must change.

See for more info.

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