Taking Sustainability Seriously

by Organikal on September 7, 2006

I came across the Innocent Drinks blog today via TypePad’s Featured Blog of the Day.

I was ever so pleased. You see, we are an Innocent customer – primarily because we can’t always take home made drinks with us everywhere and Innocent is as good as home made, but just as importantly for us, we love the company’s ethos – their culture and their marketing.

Skimming over the previous entries, I noticed they had posted a vacancy for a full time Sustainability Manager – that’s how importantly they take their view of the world. Of course, I think it also happens to be a hugely clever marketing move – but I’ve got no beef against that.

These guys are examples of the new breed of clever, smart, stylish folks who also care about the world we live in – and our responsibility to it. They also know they can make money doing something they love and care about.

My hat is suitably doffed.

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