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by Organikal on August 30, 2006

We usually take advantage of the 241 deal with Orange, which lets us go to the cinema on Wednesday’s and pay one person less (there’s 3 of us – I wish someone somewhere would come up with a 341 deal – I mean, we’re not the only family with only 1 kid around).

Anyways, we usually do that and take a picnic. Well, although we do love the ice cream and the lattes, we usually find ourselves there at dinner time, and have been known to pack roast potatoes, home made chips, puff pastry tarts, french bread pizzas, veggie burgers etc – you know, picnic friendly food.

I decided not to go today – I’ve got a cold so am sniffling a lot, and sneezing and all the other symptoms that fill your head with cotton wool, and am not a particularly cinema friendly companion as a result. I am also very busy at work and stuck to my computer. Back to the story…

The boys were leaving at 5.30. At 5.10 we remembered that everyone needed to eat. No time to create lavish picnics and prepare home made foil bags (Jamie Oliver style). The heat was on. What could I make that would be ready in no more than 10 minutes, take no longer than 10 minutes to eat and come from the fridge, the freezer or the pantry? (I haven’t created a menu this week – the cotton wool effect from the cold).

Phone_002 I got some cous cous together. Half a lime. A block of halloumi cheese. Some fresh basil and mint. A box of very handy Tivall vegetarian frankfurters. I grilled the halloumi until brown and bubbling. I added lime juice, olive oil and herbs to the cous cous and chopped up the warm frankfurters and combined.

The boys were simply delighted! M reckoned I should add it to my official repertoire! R agreed. Much praise was bestowed. To be frank, I can’t taste anything with my cold, but if I am eating anything right now, comfort food is definitely on the menu – and this was it!

Given time constraints, I didn’t manage a photo in its glory, but did manage to capture R’s left-overs, which as you can see weren’t very much. It’s my Organikal equivalent of a pot noodle :o ).

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