East meets west

by Organikal on August 30, 2006

Once again, I have a cold. I blame it on back-to-school time. Kid goes to school. Kid mingles with at least 30 other germ-infested kids. Germs copulate and mutate. Kid brings germs home. Kid has runny nose for a few days. M has the world’s tiniest cold. I end up with full blown cotton wool head. Sneezes. Sore throat. Sore nose. Congestion headache.

Last year I think I caught a cold every few weeks. I eat tons of fruit and veg. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. So, I stopped going to the gym, but I’m still taking Tai Chi classes, doing sun salutes every morning and walking back and forth from school. Why do the germs take it out on me?

I’m real busy with work. I think I always succumb harder when I’m at my busiest. Is it my body’s way of telling me to slow down, or is it my mind’s way of telling my body to tell me to slow down, in the hope Ill give it all up and take it to Acapulco?

Given I’m so busy, I’ve decided to combine “modern” medicine with “alternative” medicine and mix my philosophies a bit. My logic is that I should be able to combat the cold whilst still being able to carry out duties as normal. So far today it’s worked. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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