The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment

by Organikal on July 21, 2006

Author: Isabel Losada

Seeking some personal enlightenment is quite high up on my list of goals. When I engage my brain to the quest of defining my “Major Definite Purpose” (as prescribed by Brian Tracy), I think that enlightenment could be the thing. It could be the reason. It could be… and certainly the journey must be something to be savoured? Or at least enjoyable? … perhaps just a laugh?

Anyway, my interest in personal enlightenment and the fact that Isabel proved to be such a warm and funny author in A Beginners Guide to Changing the World seemed a winning combination, so I packed this book firmly in my holiday luggage.

Isabel uses her honest style to regale 14 separate “chapters” on her path to enlightenment. The warmth was there, as was her wit and it certainly isn’t short on humour, either. It was a fast read, and shorter than I’d have liked – I had three weeks to fill, and it became clear that 4 books wouldn’t be enough…

Back to the book – it covered lots of familiar ground, and I don’t mean that there is an excess of similar books, written in similar styles; Isabel is a unique creature, with a refreshing outlook on her experience, but instead I mean her experiences seemed familiar to me. And that is where the combination of my interest in enlightenment and Isabel’s penmanship (and general outlook) of life combined to a winning formula. I haven’t, as yet experienced colonic irrigation or undertook a weekend course in Tantric sex, but I identified with her pushing her boundaries, and stepping outside her comfort zone and self-analysis, all in a bid to be “absurdly happy”.

Never was the promise of a convent retreat so beckoning, as when we were undertaking a walk through the medieval woodlands from our gite to the stunning Dungeon from whenst the village took its name, Gavaudun – and wee Ruaridh, who turned 8 when we were away, insisted on using his fantastic memory skills to list every point we would ever need to understand in the game of Pokemon! He did all this seemingly without pausing for breath, for almost two hours, despite my pleas that walking can be a truly meditative experience… As Isabel learned at the beginning of her journey (and takes account of in all aspects of her life, if Beginner’s Guide is any indication) we must ” use everything for learning, upliftment and growth”!

Battersea Park is a zippy read, dealing with some frankly often dubious techniques on the road to enlightenment. Isabel herself recently described it as “absurd”. Don’t expect to use the book as a 101 introduction to any of the techniques, but instead use it to reassure yourself that you’re not the only crazy in the world looking for some love and happiness.

As with Beginner’s Guide, Isabel has proved inspiring, but in a very different way. Go on – get yourself a summer read …

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