“Reduce Unnecessary Waste” says WI

by Organikal on June 20, 2006

Packaging This week’s BBC news story is about the Women’s Institute and their campaign to get supermarkets to reduce “unnecessary” waste.

They have called for supermarkets to reduce packaging, and make that which is necessary recyclable or compostable.

A cause worth getting behind. The specific action employed to be employed by WI members in England and Wales is to return “excess” wrappers to stores!

I like the idea of going down to my local supermarket and dumping my excess packaging on them. We don’t produce very much waste when we shop from Damhead, but I do notice the difference when I have to visit a supermarket. As for those plastic carrier bags – here’s an organic alternative. You could buy one today and lend your weight to the campaign!

What really attracted me to this story was that it brought the environmental issue down to the everyday, practical level. More campaigns like this would start to see changes in everyday behaviour – and once that starts to become the norm we would start to see the big guys taking note.

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