Organic suncare for my face!

by Organikal on June 10, 2006

It’s sunny :o )

It’s been sunny for a week now (except yesterday when the low cloud didn’t budge, despite the forecasts). I was basking in it today, after lunch and mentioned to Martin that I was concerned that my home made moisturiser (organic sunflower oil and ylang ylang essential oil) wouldn’t protect me from the sun.

There entailed a conversation on the benefits of sunshine – we so often focus on the negatives…

I can already see the difference in the patch of yet undiagnosed skin condition on my leg – just from a  few days airing. And I feel warm and happy and relaxed. I’m sure my vitamins are coursing through my body, activated by the shy sun. However, I think I will buy some organic moisturiser with sun screen for my face – I do burn easily (being of that nuclear white skin type) – Organic Life magazine did a review this month, and I shall follow up some of those suggestions.

The lettuce need a lot of watering in this weather. My parsley seedlings shrivelled up and expired as well. I vowed this morning to water religiously. I’m glad we live in Scotland and are not yet experiencing any restrictions on our water supply. Even so – I am aware of the amount of water it takes to keep these plants alive. Then I think of the amount of energy and water it would take to buy them from somewhere else, and am reconciled.

All that water – but the miracle of life! I recall Deepak’s explanation of pure potentiality and least effort – the seed doesn’t think about it growing into a tree – in fact it doesn’t even affirm to itself that it needs to grow into a tree. It just does. How fantastic! I feel closer to that at this time of year – the speed at which our plants grow, fuelled by some warmth and sun. They lie dormant for so long in the dark days of winter.

I just realised we leave to go on holiday near midsummer. Oh, how we shall celebrate the sun…………

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