How to live without a TV

by Organikal on June 1, 2006

Have you ever watched any of the reality based improve your life programmes on the telly? It so happens that I have watched a few of them here or there. There’s one programme on BBC3 where a scary lady tells the parents they’re killing their kids and the only way to reverse it is to alter their behaviours immediately. One of the most common things they do is to remove the TV from the kids bedrooms and restrict viewing hours on the TV set in the main family room.

I would always insist we have never been big TV watchers. There’s a mix of radio 4 for the adults and radio 2 for the 8 yr old (he discovered the delights of Terry Wogan in the morning and no one can persuade him otherwise!) at breakfast – and even that is only in the bedrooms – never downstairs.

Television has been hit and miss for a long time, and an active reduction policy has seen it very rarely switched on, except for occasional Simpsons episodes and family extravaganzas like Dr Who or American Pop Idol (okay – so we have dubious taste!). I reckon we would watch on average about 5-8 hrs per week at most.

We made a decision in February to remove the television from our main family room, and have been waiting ever since to get our cabling put into the small bedroom upstairs which we have been meaning to turn into our TV room. Confident that this reduction in “chewing-gum distractions” was going to increase our productivity, improve our health in body and mind and use less energy, we forged ahead this weekend and moved the television upstairs.

We were very brave, and really only got nervous about our decision once the cables had been moved. You know what? – the TV has been on only once or twice since, and even then I fell asleep, and we reckon it was one of the best moves we have made in our decision to live an Organikal life. It truly has been put it in its place – that is a tiny room to which we will only venture if there is something we particularly want to watch.

The energy in the main family room is much better – the space previously taken up by the black monstrosity (we never did buy a shiny silver widescreen) is filled with a beautiful family heirloom that used to be hidden in a corner.

We don’t miss it – yet – and I really don’t think we ever will. Living without a TV wasn’t a tough decision to make – but it did carry with it a certain amount of trepidation. I can now honestly say it’s one of the most sensible actions we’ve taken, and it was easy-peasy!

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