I just don’t have time!

by Organikal on May 9, 2006

I speak to a few folks about our Organikal life, and generally get a positive response, but the most common response is “I just don’t have time for all that!”.

Well, I can surely sympathise with that – I have a day job too! This was terribly apparent when Alexandre and Laurent came to stay, and I spent about 20 hours or so in the kitchen over the course of 4 days and still had to go into the office… here they are seemingly delighted with their veggie haggis, tatties and neeps starter – well, they were in Scotland for the first time after all! It did take me good few days to recover from the extra exertion, but we had fun, even when Martin got his guitar out!

The only way I can deal with everything is to be super organised, and plan the week’s menu in advance. This initial investment of 20 minutes or so really starts to reap benefits through the week, and saves an awful lot of my brain space.

The actual implementation involves emptying out my delivery from www.damhead.co.uk, and assessing what I have – that’s the great thing about veggie boxes – it’s always a surprise! Then I consult my expansive database of meals I know we all like and try to create a menu for the week which provides a balance of nutrients, styles, tastes and textures and accommodates the likes and dislikes of an 8-yr old who’s really not that keen on veg!

This then gets posted onto the board in the kitchen – there in plain sight for all to see. It saves me emptying out the contents of the fridge after a stressful day and evaluating how I can make a cauliflower, some sweet peppers and an avocado into something we all like before I faint from starvation and end up phoning for a take-out!

Posting onto the board also has the advantage of priming Ruaridh and Martin – and sometimes they manage to care of the preparations for me before I get home in the evening. And if I’m really clever, and it suits the ingredients we received, I sometimes manage to include a meal or two that Martin (king of veggie bolognese) and Ruaridh (master of pesto-puff tarts) can conjure up, whilst I relax! It’s also great for making a couple of day’s worth of meals in one go, when I have to.

It really is the only way I can manage things. And it has the added benefit of reducing waste – ensuring that we use up the weekly delivery  before the produce deteriorates – particularly important when dealing with organic goods.

My conclusion – it’s not about not having the time, it’s about making a commitment to using the time available to live the life you want to live. With some organisation, planning and clear policies anyone can have the time to go Organikal.

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Martin May 9, 2006 at 9:17 am

What you did when the French boys were here was “extraordinaire” and you did it all with a smile and without fuss. I know it doesn’t feel like it sometimes but M and R appreciate all that you do. Your amazing.


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