G-Whiz Cars a whiz

by peoplemaps on May 4, 2006

Everyone now seems to want to be seen to have green credentials these days and with elections coming up, they are all at it. The most noticeable being David Cameron, the Conservative leader. We are never done seeing pictures of him on his bicycle. What you don’t see is his chauffer driving behind him carrying his briefcase. Yes, it’s true, he may cycle to work but he has his briefcase chauffered in his big Lexus. It kind of defeats the purpose, unless of course the purpose is purely one of PR.

On a more positive note, as a result of Camerons stunts, I did get introduced to The G-Whiz electric car http://www.goingreen.co.uk/?PageID=AboutGWiz It has got to be the cutest car on the road and ideal for those short journeys such as the school run etc. More often these days we take the bikes or walk but Scottish weather sometimes forces you into a car and the G-whiz would be perfect for us. It has a 40 mile radius before it needs charged up again and costs only 40p to charge it.

The downsides are; that it’s basic, does 40mph if you squeeze it and it is unlikely to impress. Unless of course you bump into a celebrity or a politician, where you are likely to find yourself dragged into a photo shoot. I don’t see Clarkson raving about it and it will probably get the same treatment that caravans get on Top Gear but even for a petrol head like myself, I have to say I like it.

I think that cars like this will be the only private transport allowed in inner cities within a few short years. You will drive in your motorway car to a massive carpark outside of the city and pick up your wee G-Whiz (from a pool) for the last five miles of your journey. And what about public transport you ask? It’s never going to happen. Even as a green person I know that cars are here to stay and public transport just isn’t up to the job. As long as public transport turns a 20 minute car journey into an hour and a half marathon, it will never replace cars. And as long as public transport is ten times more expensive than a car journey, it will never be sensible. At present only direct routes are feasble on public transport but if you want to say. take the train to Bath, as we did recently, then you would be off your head to pay them the £800+ that they asked for what would cost £100 in a car.

Photograph and article coutesy of The Telegraph

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