Smug isn’t a good thing

by Organikal on April 29, 2006

But I can’t help feeling it…

Yesterday morning I was delighted to hear that Friends of the Earth has called on consumers to shop local and stop trekking miles to the supermarket (see BBC’s take here).

For those of you have a paper copy of The Herald, Ian Bell has an interesting piece “We’re all now citizens of Tescoworld” … an eloquent piece of writing on the subject, my favourite quotes from Ian are ” No-one is forced into a Tesco store at the point of a loaded organic banana” and “suddenly supermarkets seem sinister places.” I can’t find the article online, but was ever so pleased to see it in the paper.

The Herald online does have a short piece about organic perfumes here – great to see that issue also getting some profile, in addition to the news that permission the largest single onshore wind farm consented in Europe is to go ahead just south of East Kilbride – no doubt the letter page on Monday will be full of complaints that it’ll spoil the view…. as for me – I’m delighted.

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Martin April 29, 2006 at 10:11 pm

It’s great to see the supermarket debate moving into the world of “normal” people. As a business person I have trouble criticising a commercial success (a la Tesco), however I just don’t feel comfortable when more and more power moves into fewer and fewer hands. It seems the longer we live in a capitalist system, the more it feels like a communist environment, with the ultimate conclusion being that there will be only Tesco left for all our shopping needs. I jest but there is some truth in my jest.


Organikal May 1, 2006 at 6:56 pm

Yes – there’s no doubt Mr Tesco has done a fabulous job, Martin -but at what expense of people, animals and the environment? I respect good business choices and successful business – but Google’s motto rings true for me – “Do no evil” – of course, they’ve got the whole China thing going on… I also feel hugely uncomfortable with the pervasiveness of Tesco, and the Stepfordesque way the general populace shops there for just about everything.


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