Deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra

by Organikal on April 29, 2006

Saturday Treat for the Domestic Goddess

We hardly had time to unpack from our Easter trip when we opened up the house to play host to two French schoolkids from Toulouse. Twelve year old Alexandre and Laurent were marvellous guests, and I hope they enjoyed the visit as much as we enjoyed having them.

The only downside was the pretty gruelling schedule which meant a lot of late nights in addition to earlier than usual mornings and many hours in the kitchen for me hard at work preparing vegetarian feasts (lest they miss their meat, being French and all!).

I was feeling pretty tired this morning after seeing the boys off for their long journey home (and also a little tearful I’m not ashamed to admit – I had grown quite attached – even in such a short space of time) and went back to bed to read the papers and generally recuperate.

The papers digested, I did two things that got me feeling like my normal self. Firstly I listened to the Experience Yoga Nidra CD which offers complete and utter relaxation, and a CD I highly recommend if you’re in need of some bone-deep de-stressing. I think Swami should have offered a money-back guarantee it’s so very good.

Straight afterwards I did a whole body massage with unrefined organic sesame oil, as recommended by my faithful guru Deepak Chopra. This invigorates the body, stimulating all sorts of responses that make you feel great. Chopra advocates sesame oil big style, and we use it for everything from a mouthwash to a nasal passage rub to a head massage oil and a prevention of athletes foot.

For those of you who want to experience the treat for yourself, be sure to buy this CD. It’s one of the best I have in my collection (you can get unrefined sesame oil at your local health food store):

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