The ‘Goalden’ Hour

by Organikal on April 27, 2006

An Update on the Golden Hour Revelation

I’ve already explained how the golden hour has helped us become more productive through the day and offers a tranquil and positive start to our day.

When the clocks changed, it upset our rhythm and knocked us back a wee bit, but we’ve managed to pick things up again.

Travelling back down to Stoneleigh gave us a perfect opportunity to listen to some more Brian Tracy, and this time, Ruaridh was with us and just soaked it all up: which was extremely positive in itself, as we were listening to lots about accelerated learning and achievements and alpha states and how important continuous development is – something his school doesn’t seem to promote!

It being a Tracy programme, the topic of goals soon comes about, and lo and behold, wee R gets out his notebook and starts writing down his goals against his chosen are of focus for the moment – becoming an artist! All without a word from us (except encouragement and congratulations, of course!).

We came away with three things that stuck with us from this session:

1. Revise our goals every morning – hence the “Goalden Hour”. Tracy explains that goals are a hugely important success mechanism which overrides the natural failure mechanism. We see this as being particularly important for Ruaridh, in these formative years as well as ourselves.

2. Meditation is key to success, and is one of our missing links – we shall start practising regularly, hopefully with some help from our wellbeing guru, Sunil Sharma.

3. DO IT NOW!!! Stop procrastinating and get productive. Be creative and generate lots of ideas… work fast and use lists and priorities to make sure we get what needs to get done, done.

You can buy Brian Tracy’s book on GOALS from our friends at Amazon here:

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dwlt April 27, 2006 at 1:46 pm

Was “Goals” the audiobook you were listening to? Or was it another one?


Organikal April 29, 2006 at 5:14 pm

Nope, dwlt it wasn’t that particular programme – it’s an old programme (about 15-20 yrs at least) by Brian called The Phoenix Seminar – it’s Martin’s – his Mum organised Tracy’s first visit to the UK, I believe – way back when. It’s still very relevant – although the anecdotes are somewhat out of date. One thing I can vouch for is Tracy’s delivery – I find him very easy to listen to – and most enjoyable. I expect the new programmes to be even better.


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